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Products are subject to laboratory testing and human clinical trials to assess for safety.


Products are third-party tested for purity and quality.


All products are assessed in human clinical trials for quality and efficacy.


Advanced Humeomics is working towards certifications that value our transparency.

We’re Taking the Long View

Our Aspirations

Our vision at Advanced Humeomics is:

  • to explore the potential of the soil humeome to improve human health; and
  • to create a functional resource for healthcare providers regarding clinical humeomics.

Our aim is

  • to create safe and effective products that improve the human condition; and
  • to share the knowledge we accrue regarding clinical humeomics.

It is impossible to separate Advanced Humeomics from the natural intelligence of our shared planet.

Our aim, to improve the human condition through the advancement of clinical humeomics, relies on the integrity of the natural world – which is in crisis.

It is obvious to us that we need to move beyond talk and participate in the larger conversation, which is why we are committing to a self-imposed Earth Tax with 1% for the Planet. Their approved nonprofit partners work on a diverse range of environmental problems, ensuring a multifaceted approach to our planet’s most pressing issues.

The value of giving back at this stage in our development is as obvious to us as is the risk of planning to do so later. We may lose our vision. And so there you have it – environmental giving that dispenses with greenwashing and holds us accountable, now and tomorrow.

About our Founder

David C. Socol, M.D.

The seeds for Advanced Humeomics were planted in the late 1990’s while our Founder, Dr. David Socol, was part of a scientific team conducting research in wound healing and cellular senescence. His exit from the clinical research scene provided him with an opportunity for clinical training in Age Management Medicine, a progressive, preventative, proactive specialty focused on health, not disease. This professional redirect, and Dr. Socol’s integration of functional genomics across his medical practice, returned him to his roots in clinical research and the data that was generated decades ago. Advanced Humeomics is a beneficiary of this prior work and Dr. Socol’s broader appreciation of the clinical potential of the humeomic sciences.
In addition to his work at Advanced Humeomics, Dr. Socol works with individuals at his office in Beverly Hills, California.

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