Immune Support Supplement


30 capsules

Humavir is an innovative immune support product that combines a proprietary blend of highly purified humic acid with an enhancing amino acid complex to work at the cellular level.

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Your well-being depends on the body’s ability to defend itself.

A healthy immune system shields the body from environmental threats and provides a back-up system to address pathogens that break through its initial line of defense. The immune system:

Fighting pathogens.

Your immune system identifies and tags environmental pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and toxins for elimination by a family of specialized cells.

Creates a barrier between you and your environment.

Your immune system activates when environmental pathogens evade the body’s primary barriers in the skin, respiratory tract and gut.

Deteriorates with age.

The human immune system loses the ability to protect the body with advancing age. This continuous process leads ultimately to immunosenescence. (See Biochemistry Section)

Keep fighting the good fight.

Humavir’s specially formulated supplement supports healthy immune function, naturally.

One molecule. Dynamic impact.

Formed from ancient plant matter, humic acid supports immune function and controls inflammation, reducing oxidative stress.

Enhanced through purification.

We subject the highest quality raw material to a multi-step purification process to unlock its full potential. Every batch of Humavir is evaluated by an independent third-party to ensure that it achieves the purity benchmarks that enhance humic acid’s immune support properties.

Advanced through biochemistry.

Patented enhancements unlock the full potential of humic acid.

Sourced with care.

We source our raw materials from two locations that have been studied by geologists for over 20 years, and upgraded our practices in March 2021 to create an even better raw material.

Quick Facts


Supports the immune system, controls the inflammatory response, optimizes gut barrier function, maintains healthy cell function.


Sourced from multiple locations in the United States that have been studied by geologists for over 20 years. Purity greater than 95% is ensured based on rigorous, independent third-party testing.

Active ingredients

Proprietary Humic Acid Complex, 250mg
Amino Acid Complex, 5mcg

Dietary Info

Gluten free, nut-free, vegan, GMO-free, soy free, peanut-free, no artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or colors, no shellfish.


Take one (1) capsule twice daily or as directed by your physician. Do not exceed nine (9) capsules in 24 hours.

Common Questions

When looking for more robust immune support, you may take two-to three (2-to-3) capsules of Humavir 3 times daily for up to 5 days.

Yes, you may notice a change in the color and consistency of your stool while taking Humavir. Though this is normal and not harmful, these changes will revert to normal a few days after your last dose.

At higher doses of Humavir (See FAQ #1), some people may experience cramping. This can be eliminated by lowering the dose of Humavir or stopping it completely.

Yes, Humavir may be used long-term at it’s recommended dose, 1 capsule twice daily.
Yes, Humavir supports the gut, and by doing so, quality of sleep, inflammation throughout the body, and general wellness.

Taking Humavir with mineral supplements may decrease the efficacy of Humavir as an immune support product.

The processes we use to purify and enhance the humic acid in Humavir make it a one-of-a-kind product. The purity of the humic acid in Humavir is fundamental to its effectiveness as an immune support product. With one exception that is marketed at 70% pure, the standard concentration of humic acid in the market is 30%. Immune support requires humic acid purity of 95% or greater.

If the goal is to maximize the immune support potential of Humavir, then sourcing does matter. The proprietary blend of humic acid that Advanced Humeomics uses in its product has been studied as an immune support product in excess of 20 years.

Fulvic acid is the primary contaminant being removed. If left in place, fulvic acid binds to humic acid and limits its clinical potential as an immune support product.

Yes. The relationship you have with your healthcare provider is a partnership, so the more they know, the better able they are to support your health goals and interests.